Go From Crippling Heartbreak To Vibrant Wholeness!
The Sudden End Of A Relationship Can Leave You Feeling Isolated, In Denial, And Full Of Shame.  

If You Have Experienced The Soul-Crushing Emotions Of Heartbreak, This Is Just For You!
What do you do when life hits you with a proverbial hurricane of punches that we don't see coming: 

*The end of a long term relationship or divorce
*The loss of a job you've worked at for a long time 
*The death of a Loved one

You wake up one day and everything you know about yourself isn't true anymore. What you had invested years of your life, Love, and dreams are all gone. Including your sense of self.

It feels like you went to bed and woke up in some kind of hell. Pain, anguish, and struggle is all that you see and all that you have now.

Are you experiencing personal pain that leads to:
-Limiting Beliefs
-Defeatist Attitudes
-Fearing Rejection
-Struggles With Identity ("Who am I really?")

Fear comes in and shows you all areas where you feel brokenness. All you can think of are the endless series of reasons why it's all your fault. It can make you want to give up on everything, including yourself.

If you've had an experience of personal loss or immense difficulty, you're not alone (even if you feel like you are).

I completely understand this level of pain

Not long ago I was in a similar place. Soul-crushing heartbreak and the end of a 12-year marriage left me feeling completely worthless. I was known as "the relationship guy" in my coaching practice. I felt like a complete fraud.

And then my closest relationship walked out the door. It was like the whole experience confirmed to me this underlying belief I'd always had: you're not good enough and unworthy of being Loved.

I went to the depths of my pain and contemplated the worst. I wanted to end everything.

And it was in this place of brokenness where I found what the true cause of all the pain and hardship had been: I didn't know how to Love myself.

Does this sound like your story?

Maybe you've spent much of your life hoping that someone else would believe in you so that you would believe in yourself. Or that someone would acknowledge you and validate your work so you'd feel like you were good enough. Or that if someone you really Loved would Love you back so that you would feel worthy.

That used to be me. I chased after and hunted for Love, validation, and a sense of completeness. All the while trying to keep my deepest fears of rejection, abandonment, and not being good enough hidden away.

We often put on these proverbial masks to hide behind because we're afraid of the world seeing the real us. We're critical and negative to ourselves. We don't believe we really have what it takes. And when life throws us the worst experiences, we want to quit everything and give up.

The uncertainty of what's happening can make you feel like you've been beaten up by Mike Tyson on a mental, emotional, and soul level. This is what personal hell felt like for me. Has that been your story too?

The way to heal and to come into a place where you feel like the weight has been lifted off is to transform from brokenness into wholeness. That's what's inside the Be Solid Book and Program shows you how to do.

It's the journey of learning how to escape from feeling inadequate and unworthy to learning what Love really is. And how to Love yourself into personal fulfillment.

The results experienced from using this method include:
*Living in a personal sense of wholeness and completeness
*Radiant and powerful confidence
*Inner peace and calmness even when life brings more challenges and difficulties
*Resolve to handle difficult situations with patience, poise, and power
*Letting go of the guilt, shame, and regret of what was lost to move forward 
*Gaining the most healthy and loving relationships with other people
*Growth in business and career endeavors without the stress and anxiety of trying to make it happen on your own
*Attracting real Love and having the most healthy and amazing relationships

I want to share my personal roadmap and guidebook for how to overcome the worst of life's difficulties with you. Each chapter guides you through a step-by-step process of healing and change to move you forward and experience results. There are also exercises given to you to put what you learn into practice in your own life.

All of this is inside the book, Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole. 

Here's what readers have said about the power of this book:

"D Grant Smith is vulnerable, detailed, and spot on with his end-of-chapter Action-Trainings. I teach, coach, and speak about inner growth before external growth is possible, and Smith fully concentrated on inner growth. From almost any analogy possible to his own life experience, Smith gets it; will you? We’re adding this to our client reading list!"
-Nate Washington

"The information contained in this book is life-changing. D writes from his real-life experiences, in a way that touches your soul. He makes us realize we are not alone in our suffering and confusion - and offers us a great gift: the knowledge of how to turn our pain and suffering into our greatest strength. A must-read for anyone, regardless of what you're going through."
-Liz Cirelli

"You will not be disappointed with this read! D Grant Smith is so incredibly vulnerable with the reader sharing his struggles that it feels like he is right there with you on the journey. If you want a book to help you sit around, feel sorry for yourself, and tell you what you want to hear move on to another book. But if you are ready to take control of your life with real steps before, during, and after the “Hay-makers” that hit you along the road of life this is the book for you. With this book, you will get real advice and resources to get your life back."
-GW Shaw

The book alone is amazing, but that's only part of this comprehensive system

I want to give you everything you need to make a revolutionary transformation in your life. That's why the full Be Solid Program is what is presented to you here.

Get a digital copy of the book PLUS additional resources to move you forward in specific areas addressed in the book including building confidence, reshaping your beliefs, and growing in self-Love. These resources are listed below:

*Use The Confidence Building Checklist & Worksheets while reading Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole for personal accountability and growth 
*Use the Reshaping Your Beliefs book to dig deeper into how to change your inner beliefs to create a life of wholeness, confidence, and success
*Listen to The Be Solid Audiobook Expanded Edition (with bonus chapters not available on Audible) to plant seeds of transformation for sustainable growth and healing
*Watch The Confidence Building 101 Masterclass to give you exactly what you need to reach new levels of fearlessness
*Take The Be Solid Self-Love Essentials Course to provide the most solid foundation for gaining the four primary aspects of Love to give yourself and strengthen your relationships with others

You can find the digital (Kindle) edition of this book on Amazon for $15 by itself. And if you want to go that road, that's cool. However, I've put everything you need in one place for you to have the most complete personal transformation with this full Be Solid Program. That's what you get right here and at a discounted price.

Buy the book and full program now. I'll see you inside!

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  Reshaping Your Beliefs ebook        (Valued at $15)
  Be Solid Audiobook (Expanded Edition With Previously Unreleased Chapters) (Valued at $50)
  Confidence Building 101 Masterclass Course (Valued at $100)
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 D Grant gives you actionable items and even a quiz at the end of each chapter to reinforce the points he's making. There's something magical about saying the words yourself, instead of just reading them from someone else's point of view. I recommend this book for anyone who is struggling with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, paralyzing fears, or even if you're just trying to ditch the negativity in your life. This book is a wonderful tool for self transformation!" -Elaine Stapleton
Extremely Limited Time Offer
There's a saying, "When you're going through hell, keep going." 

And if you're actually going through hell, that statement can sound really cruel. Instead of walking the painful steps through hell on your own, let me guide you into healing and peace through this book and program. 

Join the growing group of people who are using this powerful book and resources to completely transform their lives. See you inside!

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